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hogwarts_otaku's Journal

Harry Potter & Anime/Manga Fans Community
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Who We ARE
This is a community for Harry Potter fans who are also into Japanese anime and manga. We were originally formed at The Witching Hour as a meet-up group called "HP Otaku". Those of us who attended became fast friends over HP talk and good sushi, and it was agreed our group should not be abandoned with the end of the symposium. So, here we are! We're a friendly bunch who dabble in both fandom genres and are ready to welcome you into our ranks of HP otaku. You need not have attended our original meet-up to join this community.

What we DO
This community was formed for all fans of the Harry Potter novels/movies who also are fans of Japanese anime/manga. It's a place for common ground - for those who love the world JK Rowling brings to life in the novels and also enjoy the vast fandom that belongs to Japanese animation and manga. Post your anime HP fan art, your crossovers, your cosplay photos - anything that those of us who share these common interests will love to see/read.

We also plan to organize meet-ups at various HP symposiums and anime cons around the world. Members of hogwarts_otaku are currently planning to attend:

* Lumos 2006 in Las Vegas, NV (July 27th - 30th, 2006)
* Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) in Orlando, FL (July 28th - 30th, 2006)
* Phoenix Rising in New Orleans, LA (May 17th - 20th, 2007)

Keep posted to the community here for information on specific times for meet-ups at these cons/symposiums! If you would like to add a convention/symposium to this list at which you want to organize a meet-up, please contact one of the maintainers.

How to PLAY
We do have a few rules here, due to the exclusive nature of our interests. Please read the following carefully before posting and/or commenting:

- When posting images larger than 300 x 300, please put it behind a cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, please see LJ's FAQ.

- If you're posting icons, no more than 3 teasers can be placed outside a cut.

- NO WANK. It will get you deleted, and possibly banned. We're all friends here, so keep it friendly.

- No bashing/flaming. If you have a problem with a ship, or anything of that matter, keep it to yourself - or be civilized about it. This is a community free to everyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

- For now, lastly, keep things within topics concerning both Harry Potter and anything anime/manga related. Posts of nothing but HP or nothing but anime/manga with no obvious connection to the other are not allowed.

Our fandom FRIENDS
We are affiliated with the following communities:


If you would like to become an affiliate, please contact one of the maintainers.

Just a NOTE
- We do not claim the right to any Harry Potter name, title, etc. HP belongs to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and any and all other companies with legitimate rights.

- We do not claim any rights to any anime/manga title and their respective images.

- Artwork used in community graphics, icons, and/or layouts belong to their respective artists. Unfortunately, we do not have any credits at this time. If you are aware of the artist who did a particular image, please let us know.

hogwarts_otaku supports Phoenix Rising, a Harry Potter Conference!

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